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Some useful git commands


In general this command is done only once. Clone a remote project locally in your working folder:

cd Projects\xtd
git clone


You are automatically on the master branch, you can check by typing the command

git status


Every time you want to resynchronize your local repo with the remote repo to get the latest changes

git pull

Creation of a branch

If you want to create a dev branch

git branch my_branch_dev1

You have just created the branch but you are still on the active master branch.


If you want to work on your my_branch_dev1 branch

git checkout my_branch_dev1

The active branch is now my_branch_dev1.

If you want to go back to your master branch

git checkout master

The active branch is now master.


When you want to commit your files to any active branch

git commit -m "My commit message" --all

or for a specific file

git commit -m "My commit message" my_class.h


When you want to merge your dev branch into master

git checkout master
git merge my_branch_dev1

Remove branch

When you want to remove your dev branch

git branch -d my_branch_dev1

GitHub Desktop application

When you have understood the principles of git branches and git commands, the easiest way is to use the GitHub Desktop application.

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