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How to: Write a Text File

The following code example demonstrates how to create a text file and write text to it using the xtd::io::stream_writer class, which is defined in the xtd::io namespace. The xtd::io::stream_writer constructor takes the name of the file to be created. If the file exists, it is overwritten (unless you pass true as the second xtd::io::stream_writer constructor argument). The file is then filed using the xtd::io::stream_writer::write and xtd::io::stream_writer::write_line functions.

#include <xtd/xtd>

using namespace xtd;
using namespace xtd::io;

class program {
static auto main() {
ustring file_name = "textfile.txt";

stream_writer sw(file_name);
sw.write_line("A text file is born!");
sw.write("You can use write_line");
sw.write_line("...or just write");
sw.write_line("and do {0} output too.", "formatted");
sw.write_line("You can also send non-text objects:");
console::write_line("a new file ('{0}') has been written", file_name);


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