xtd 0.2.0
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demonstrates the use of xtd::forms::form control.




#include <xtd/forms/application>
#include <xtd/forms/button>
#include <xtd/forms/form>
#include <xtd/forms/label>
auto main() -> int {
auto button1_clicked = 0, button2_clicked = 0;
xtd::forms::button button1, button2;
xtd::forms::label label1, label2;
button1.text("Button 1").location({50, 50});
button2.auto_repeat(true).text("Button 2").location({50, 100}).size({200, 75});
label1.text("Button 1 clicked 0 times").location({50, 200}).width(200);
label2.text("Button 2 clicked 0 times").location({50, 230}).width(200);
button1.click += [&] {label1.text(xtd::ustring::format("Button 1 clicked {} times", ++button1_clicked));};
button2.click += [&] {label2.text(xtd::ustring::format("Button 2 clicked {} times", ++button2_clicked));};
form1.text("Button 2 example");
form1.controls().push_back_range({button1, button2, label1, label2});
static void run()
Begins running a standard application message loop on the current thread, without a form.
Represents a Windows button control.
Definition button.h:49
virtual const xtd::ustring & text() const noexcept
Gets the text associated with this control.
virtual control_collection & controls() noexcept
Gets the collection of controls contained within the control.
Represents a window or dialog box that makes up an application's user interface.
Definition form.h:54
Represents a standard Windows label.
Definition label.h:38
static ustring format(const ustring &fmt, args_t &&... args)
Writes the text representation of the specified arguments list, to string using the specified format ...
Definition ustring.h:1068